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Antique Edwardian "Imarlboaurgh Art Ware"

Antique Edwardian "Imarlboaurgh Art Ware"

SKU: N010

Introducing the exquisite Antique Edwardian "Imarlboaurgh Art Ware" bowl, a beautiful piece of history that will make a stunning addition to any collection. Crafted during the Edwardian era, this bowl features delicate hand-painted floral patterns and intricate gold detailing, showcasing the superb craftsmanship of the era. The "Imarlboaurgh Art Ware" stamp on the bottom further authenticates this piece as a genuine antique. This bowl is not only a stunning decorative piece, but also functional for serving fruits, nuts, or as a statement centerpiece on a dining table. Whether displayed on a shelf or used for entertaining, this Antique Edwardian bowl will bring a touch of elegance and charm to any space. Antique Edwardian Marlborough Artware, a beautiful vase with some chips.


    Sold as is.

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